Truly the Most Heartfelt Animal Shelter…

I used to be a normal Egyptian girl who graduated from medical school to peruse her career at a medical lab. A major turn in events happened when I decided to give up my job and dedicate my time and effort towards the shelter. I cannot even start to explain what each and every soul sheltered at Habiba means to me. I have given up many things in life to be able to care for them and would definitely not stop there. My main purpose and target in life is to shelter as many animals possible to keep them safe from all the cruelty and abuse they could have faced from ignorant people in the cruel streets of Cairo. I always go by the saying “Saving one animal will not save the world, but surely for that one animal the world will change forever”.

It all started when I found a stray lonely and super friendly kitty wandering the streets of Cairo. As soon as I laid eyes on her my heart just melted. I decided to take her home and make her my baby. Being inexperienced at the time, I ignorantly put the poor kitty on an all protein diet so naturally, she developed a severe calcium deficiency. I took him to the only veterinary hospital I know to be treated where a faced major criticism for keeping and caring for a “baladi” cat.

It all started to snowball from thereon. I starting rescuing more and more cases of both cats and dogs and taking them to my own home. When the number of cases increased majorly I started searching for a place where I could have them sheltered and cared for. After many failures and hardships, I found a place I could rent. Until today I am still facing criticism, hardship, and suffering to keep my babies safe from harm, hunger, thirst, cold heat and most importantly cruelty. But one look at their happy eyes after having a yummy meal makes it all worthwhile. When I saw the first animal I rescued smile back at me I knew that I am truly making a difference and appreciated life on a whole new level. That day, my purpose in life became clear to me, to build a self-sufficient shelter for these should to have their happily ever after.